Lease regulation

1. Come into force

The contract comes into force as soon as the form, signed by both partners is in the landlady’s possession and the agreed deposit is on the landlady’s account. If the deposit does not arrive within the agreed date the landlady’s has the right to rent the flat without further obligations.


2. Handing over

The rented flat will be handed over to the tenant in a clean condition and for a use as stipulated in the contract. If there are any faults at the handing over or if the furnishing is not complete, the tenant has to replace it immediately. Otherwise the rented flat is handed over in a perfect condition.


3. Use

The rented flat has to be used carefully. The tenant is under an obligation to keep it clean and to take care of all furniture and other objects. It is not allowed to knock nails in walls. The tenant has to take consideration of the house rules and to other occupants and neighbours.


4. Additional costs

All additional costs are included in the flat rate.


5. Return

At the end of the lease the rented flat has to be handed over to the landlady or its representative in a tidy condition and together with the whole equipment and all keys. For all damages, for missing furnishing or if the points at category 3 “use” is ignored the tenant has to cover the costs.


6. Annulation

If the tenant annuls the holiday, he is obligated to pay the rental fee as following:

v   Less than 2 months before beginning                        100 %

v   2 months before beginning                                              75 %

v   3 months before beginning                                              50 %

v   4 months before beginning                                              40 %

v   6 months before beginning                                              30 %

v   6 and more months before beginning                            20 %

In case of an early departure or a delayed arrival the tenant is obligated to pay the whole fee.


7. Liability

If several tenants sign the contract they are liable for all obligations as one.


8. Court of Jurisdiktion

For all conflicts to do with this tenancy the court of jurisdiction at the place of residence of the landlady is valid.

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