Bürcher *** - 3 1/2 room flat

The chalet BÜRCHER is situated about 5 minutes above the center, just beside the slope. There is a sportbus during the winter season.

The 3 star 3 room flat is on the 1st floor of the chalet BÜRCHER and comprises:

  • 2 two-bed-rooms
  • living- and dining room with bed settee
  • kitchen (equipment: raclett oven for the table, fondue: pan, rechaud, plats and forks, hand blender, microwave, toaster, dishwasher)
  • east- and ouest-balconys
  • shower/toilet and bath/toilet
  • television
  • washing machine

The chalet has:

  • parking in front of the house (During the winter season the approach road is not always clear!)
  • patio
  • PO Box

Pets are not allowed in this non-smoking apartment.

This chalet invites you to relax, enjoy and dream! Let you inspire!

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